Hostile Environment Awareness Training


11 - 14 December 2023, Germany


What is our training all about?

Trips to regions with elevated and high risks pose challenges to organisations and their staff. This goes not just for business travellers, but also for technical staff and personnel working in the sector of international cooperation, and in similar organisations.

To prepare for potential dangers and learn to improve behaviour and reaction in critical situations, a ‘Hostile Environment Awareness Training‘ (HEAT) is an essential cornerstone.

The organisers are basing the training concept on their own working experiences in war and crisis regions, as well as on the latest academic research.


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Proven methodology

Experienced instructors with international expertise in risk and security management present a range of subject modules, assisted by additional staff and actors, enabling participants to have their individual training needs covered. 

Tailored simulations and complex scenarios relevant to working abroad will be didactically presented and analytically debriefed.

To teach you our course, we use a variety of methods:

  • Practical Exercises
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Moderated Group Work
  • Theoretical Reflection

Participants will also receive a training certificate upon completion.


A holistic preparation for safety and security in challenging contexts.

Our instructurs have a proven track record of working in a multitude of high-risk regions worldwide.

Our Course contains the following topics:

  • Identifying threats, assessing risks systematically
  • Prevention of and reaction to criminal threats
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Advanced First Aid in challenging environments
  • Planning and conduct of convoys and overland trips
  • Awareness, intercultural understanding and low-profile behaviour
  • Weapons and ballistics: Safety aspects and behaviour under fire
  • Reading tactical conflict dynamics
  • Mobs and protests
  • Defending against sexual and sexualised violence
  • Behaviour during attacks and in captivity/detention
  • Information security and espionage threats

Participants will also receive professional psychological assessments and consultancies throughout our training.



We empower you to travel the world.

Admin and logistics overview.

Target group

Staff of organisations who are regularly or occasionally being deployed to destinations with elevated or high risk.



2400.00€, excl. VAT.
Beverages, Snacks and Transfers included. Special hotel pricing additionally available.



The training takes place on a former military training ground in Saxe-Anhalt near Magdeburg, around 2,5 hours transfer time from Berlin 
(details after registration).




The training will be delivered in English.


Participants will have nearby accommodation options at special rates. A daily shuttle between accommodation and training location will be provided at no extra charge.
Lunch, snacks and beverages are included on the training location (vegetarian and vegan options upon request).


The HEAT is being jointly organised and conducted by Plan4Risk (www.plan4risk.com) und Florian Peil Security Consulting


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