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Sicherheit durch Informationsvorsprung: Proaktives Risiko- & Krisenmanagement

Nachhaltiger Erfolg durch maßgeschneiderte Risikomanagementkonzepte und und proaktive Informationsversorgung — für Unternehmen, NGOs und Privatpersonen.


Security through intelligence: Proactive risk- & crisis management

Sustainable success through tailored risk management concepts and and proactive information provision - for companies, NGOs and private individuals.

Why choose us?

Better decisions

We identify and assess risks before they occur. Our comprehensive and bespoke intelligence reports support decision-making for a wide range of issues and create the basis for success despite volatile factors.

Cost-efficient security

Through comprehensive technical and organizational measures, we keep our personnel expenses as low as possible. Therefore, our solutions are cost-efficient and discreet.

Pragmatic solutions for complex problems

With our background in intelligence, we work pragmatically, solution-oriented and discreetly - with extensive experience in international crisis regions.

Sicherheit durch Informationsvorsprung:
Proaktives Risiko- & Krisenmanagement

Nachhaltiger Erfolg durch maßgeschneiderte Risikomanagementkonzepte und und proaktive Informationsversorgung — für Unternehmen, NGOs und Privatpersonen.


Crises are predictable - with the right strategy

Many consider the occurrence of crisis situations to be unpredictable, but with the right expertise they can often be assessed in advance and their effects thus better controlled.

For almost ten years, we have been making the unpredictable more predictable. We create risk analyses and tailor-made security concepts based on them, which we use to support you in your decision-making - internationally. Our approach is based on proactive protection through the information advantage provided by our extensive network of sources and experts.

But we don't just provide support in the preventive area; we are also there for you in the event of an incident. We provide advice and logistical support for navigating through crisis situations and for operational measures in an international environment. When it comes to personal protection, our specialized procedures reduce personnel costs by up to 80% without disrupting our clients' daily routines while maintaining a high level of proactive security.

Our Services

Crisis Prevention

Crisis Preparedness

Strategic consulting and establishment of crisis management structures, preventive precautionary measures, workshops and crisis team exercises.

Crisis Response

Crisis response

Operational support in the event of a crisis, external crisis managers, crisis team support, BCM consulting, evacuations and individual measures.

Crisis Forecasting

Crisis Forecasting & Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and continuous analysis of data sources for early identification and assessment of potential risks and crises.

Private Risk Solutions

Private Risk Solutions

Cost-effective protection solutions that combine maximum security with discretion and flexibility.

Comprehensive privacy solutions, training, protection observations, threat assessments and operational measures.

Travel Risk Management

Travel Security

Comprehensive travel security solutions and holistic travel risk management policies for companies and NGOs to fulfill their duty of care.

Including risk assessment, planning and operational support and preparation training for travelers at home and abroad.

Training and operative Measures

Training and operative solutions

Customized security strategies, developed for the specific requirements and challenges of your company or project. practical training, workshops and courses in risk-, threat- and crisis management, as well as travel security.

With Plan4Risk, we finally feel globally safe. Their expertise and networks have sustainably optimized our risk management strategies. Absolutely recommendable!

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What will you get from us?

  • Bespoke consulting & solutions:
    Tailor-made strategies and their operational implementation form the core of our service. We identify your specific challenges and develop individual solutions for them.

  • Comprehensive network
    Benefit from our ramified international networks. Our extensive contacts enable a wide range of services and sources of knowledge.
  • Operative Experience:
    Our team has years of practical experience in all major international conflict regions. This experience guarantees that our strategies can be implemented in a practice-oriented manner.
  • 24/7-Availability:
    Emergencies don't know office hours, and neither do we. Our services are available around the clock and adapt to your most urgent needs and international time zones.
  • Transparent cost structure:
    We attach great importance to clarity in pricing. With no hidden costs, we charge only procurement fees and labor in addition to the real cost of operational services, making our services particularly cost-efficient abroad.
  • Compliance & Regulatory Risk Management:
    In some regions, working effectively often requires navigating complex legal requirements. We take on the compliance and regulatory risks and leverage the necessary infrastructure.